The latest in a series that started with “Fiona”. Fiona has now passed on, and the clients decided to get another cat (to live with them and Mr. Bigglesworth). They also moved from Texas to Michigan, so that’s why there are clouds shaped like those states.

"Mr. Bigglesworth, in Majesty"

The follow-up to the portrait of Fiona....

"Princess Fiona" and followup...

Fiona moved with her family to Texas, and she loves water....

Next will be the companion piece, a portrait of her kitty boyfriend, Mr. Bigglesworth....

"Cat Pirate Wade" AKA "Wade Can Haz Booty"

Done as a donation to Light the Night. The person with the winning bid wanted their cat, Wade, portrayed as a pirate. She never stays still if they put her in costume, so this was done with pure imagination.


My most-recent finished commission :)

"Rhett" and "Timmy"

Person who commissioned "Bella and Manu" later ordered "Rhett" (white dog) and "Timmy" (Brown and white).

Bella and Manu

"Bella and Manu" is complete, and soon I will begin two portraits for the same client, one "Timmy" and one "Rhett".


Rev is a sweet, older cat who loves to play with Q-Tips....

Inclusion in United Way auction

I have also donated an 11"x14" custom pet portrait service to an auction, held by URS, for United Way. All total, the auction raised about $25,000, and my portrait service went for $90.00.

This one will be of a cat named Rev, though I don't have any other details to share at this time....

I hope to get that painting under way soon, too. :)

Inclusion in local school auction

Tonight (4/8/11) is a fundraising gala put on by the Magellan International School, located in Austin, TX. As part of the fundraiser, they are holding a silent auction and a live auction. My pet portrait services are being grouped with other pet-related items/services in the live auction. I've donated my services to paint a 14"x18" portrait for the winner of that bid. I look forward to meeting the bid winner and their pet. :)


Cleo belongs to the same person who owns Sasha, and his roommate owns Odi ("Bliss").


Sable is the much-beloved dog of a family living in west Austin.

"Sophie on the Ledge of Sanity"

Blue and purple grasses, yellow sky, white trees with red leaves... and a fence that seems to recede into the distance, but it's actually just shrinking (or getting bigger). The ledge is Sophie's refuge from madness. Oils on stretched linen canvas, 14x18 inches, (c) 2009 by Arran Walker.


This is a commissioned memorial for a sweet kitty named Sam.

"David" (not a pet this time)

Wow, I finished my first human portrait commission. This is David, the (now) 12 yr old son of one of my co-workers. David likes bright colors, sports, playing with Pokemon, and practicing the violin. The portrait is based on a photo taken of him when he was 5 yrs old.

"Nutkin", a tribute to all squirrels

This canvas, the original painting, is only 2x3 inches.

Dec 2008 - Three commissions nearing completion

Coming soon! A memorial portrait for a cat named Sam... the wacky portrait of a cat named Sophie... and my first non-pet commission -- a portrait of a boy named David.

Promoting local businesses

Disclaimer: I only promote businesses that I trust!

Donna lives in the Austin area and owns/operates a small business (it's just her, as far as I know) called Snuggle Shop, which makes baby and pet blankets. I bought a blanket for my sister's dog, Alison, as a present, and a full year later the lab/pit mix hasn't so much as damaged even an edge of the pretty blanket! This year I bought another one, but bigger. Alison won't know about it until the 25th of December....

Her prices are quite reasonable. I paid only $15 for a large dog blanket.

It's a simple process: Contact Donna @ dmoller@Austin.rr.com, figure out what fabric you want her to use and what blanket size you want. Payment is due upon delivery.

"Skittle" aka "Sniff the Rainbow"

Non-Commissioned Work for Sale

Check out my new blog for non-commissioned artwork at http://arranart2.blogspot.com.

You can also purchase my art through www.Etsy.com. My store is under the name PetPortraitsByArran.

New website feature

Just a note to announce a new feature of my website....

I have added a link section to my sidebar titled "Other Services You Might Like", and the first link I've added is for my father's poetry criticism service. You can also go there from this post: http://www.poetrycritic.com/.

Keep in mind his website is NOT for students wanting help on poetry interpretation or other analysis assignments. This is a wonderful service for aspiring poets who are plainly sick of the possibly false praise dumped on them (and their poems) by friends, family, and scammers. Here's a person willing and actually able to give your poems some probably much-needed scrutiny before you try to get your poetry published.

If you write poetry and would like some honest feedback on your poems, by all means, please check out his website to find out more about his services, including pricing and poetry submission requirements.

Even if you choose to not use his paid services, the website offers lots of free information (reading material) about poetry-writing in general.

"Alison After Birthday Cake"

This is Alison at her 2nd birthday party, back in 2005. She had doggie pals and their humans in attendance. There were presents, party favors, and even a dog-friendly birthday cake (carob-flavored) from Groovy Dog, here in Austin.

This photo of the painting is not high-quality. It definitely looks better in person. I'll try to get a better pic to replace this one soon.

"Tortilla Soup and Mixed Greens"

A.K.A. "Soup and Side Salad".
Yes, the cat's name is Tortilla Soup.

"Travis and Jester"

A memorial for Travis, on the left.


A memorial for Scooby Spellman.


Thorstein Veblen (the cat, not the economist) loved catnip, so in this memorial I placed him in a catnip garden. He also had a tendency to look at people with a half-wink, so of course he had to be immortalized with this expression.




"Bliss" (Odi)

Odi, long before his multiple hip replacements.




"Sophie and Alison"

Pet Portaits by Arran

If you like what you see and would like to commission a painting, please email me at petportraitsbyarran@yahoo.com.

Below is my current pricing list.

(sizes in inches):
11 x 14: $100
14 x 18: $140
16 x 20: $180
18 x 24: $220

Each price listed above is for a single painting with a single subject (one pet).
Additional subjects cost another $30 each.

Other canvas sizes (larger and smaller) and shapes (triangle, square, and hexagon) are also available upon special request.

All paintings are oil on stretched linen canvas. The edges are paintable, so the work will look quite nice unframed when the edges are painted.

Each painting takes about 2 months (from initial order placement to local delivery of completed work), but I can have more than one painting going at once. Shipping and handling charges, if shipping is requested, will be determined after painting completion.

If you would like the painting varnished, that adds 10% to the price and also adds at least another 6 months to the completion date. Varnishing an oil painting too soon will ruin the work, and oils take six to twelve months to dry enough to accept varnish.

Hope you enjoy my whimsical work!