New website feature

Just a note to announce a new feature of my website....

I have added a link section to my sidebar titled "Other Services You Might Like", and the first link I've added is for my father's poetry criticism service. You can also go there from this post:

Keep in mind his website is NOT for students wanting help on poetry interpretation or other analysis assignments. This is a wonderful service for aspiring poets who are plainly sick of the possibly false praise dumped on them (and their poems) by friends, family, and scammers. Here's a person willing and actually able to give your poems some probably much-needed scrutiny before you try to get your poetry published.

If you write poetry and would like some honest feedback on your poems, by all means, please check out his website to find out more about his services, including pricing and poetry submission requirements.

Even if you choose to not use his paid services, the website offers lots of free information (reading material) about poetry-writing in general.

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