Inclusion in local school auction

Tonight (4/8/11) is a fundraising gala put on by the Magellan International School, located in Austin, TX. As part of the fundraiser, they are holding a silent auction and a live auction. My pet portrait services are being grouped with other pet-related items/services in the live auction. I've donated my services to paint a 14"x18" portrait for the winner of that bid. I look forward to meeting the bid winner and their pet. :)


Arran Walker said...

As of 6/10/11 I have yet to hear from this winner. I sure hope they contact me soon :)

Arran Walker said...

As of 2/15/13 there has been no contact from the winner of the auction. I think they either didn't know a painting came with the basket they bid on... or they just wanted to make the donation but don't want a painting. Either way... sigh! :(