Pet Portaits by Arran

If you like what you see and would like to commission a painting, please email me at

Below is my current pricing list.

(sizes in inches):
11 x 14: $100
14 x 18: $140
16 x 20: $180
18 x 24: $220

Each price listed above is for a single painting with a single subject (one pet).
Additional subjects cost another $30 each.

Other canvas sizes (larger and smaller) and shapes (triangle, square, and hexagon) are also available upon special request.

All paintings are oil on stretched linen canvas. The edges are paintable, so the work will look quite nice unframed when the edges are painted.

Each painting takes about 2 months (from initial order placement to local delivery of completed work), but I can have more than one painting going at once. Shipping and handling charges, if shipping is requested, will be determined after painting completion.

If you would like the painting varnished, that adds 10% to the price and also adds at least another 6 months to the completion date. Varnishing an oil painting too soon will ruin the work, and oils take six to twelve months to dry enough to accept varnish.

Hope you enjoy my whimsical work!

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